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                                                                                                            L’Arche Homefires

                                                                                                          Community Mandate

                                                                                               September 2017 – September 2021


L’Arche Homefires is a growing, thriving community where people with intellectual disabilities are supported to live full lives, making their own decisions and with opportunities for personal growth.  The community is diverse, welcoming, and well- integrated into the Town of Wolfville and beyond.


During this mandate, the community will live a key time of transition as we select and welcome a new Community Leader.  With this mandate, we commit to working together to strengthen our community and its values, thus supporting a transition that leads to growth and learning for all of us

Living The Dream

     We have accomplished our goal of ‘Building The Dream’!  We want to discover what it means to live that dream as we share the vision and spirit of L’Arche within and beyond our community.

•         We will work collaboratively to make the most of our new building.
•         We will review our day programs in light of the skills and goals of our core members, and look for ways to continue to foster creativity and growth in our daytime options.
•         We will build on our outreach to the wider community, reaching out to our partners, to other organizations, and to people with intellectual disabilities and their families to foster engagement in the mission of L’Arche.

Embracing Our Core Values

     We want to inspire each other to live the mission and spirit of L’Arche more deeply through an intentional commitment to our core values.

•         We will build unity by working in partnership across the various groups in our community, listening to the voices and intentions of everyone, and building trust through relationships of kindness and respect.
•         We will create an environment where assistants are engaged in community, have a meaningful voice, and are supported throughout their journey in L’Arche.
•         We will review our community structures and activities in light of our commitment to a simple life, choosing relationships over other rewards.

L’Arche Homefires


Learning Through Change

     We want to embrace the learning and growth that the upcoming community transition will bring, and support one another through this time of change.

•         We will create support structures for Ingrid to help her transition out of the role, and 
to put in place personal and professional supports for her during this time.
•         We will support Ingrid to focus on mentoring other leaders to transfer some of her skills 
and knowledge to others in the community.
•         We will be attentive to the impact that this important change may have on all community 
members and respond with care and support.
•         We will select and welcome a new Community Leader with intentionality,
openness, and generosity.

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