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Applewicks employs a number of Core Members from the Homefires community as well as some people who live in other organizations or are still at home.


Core Members become fluent in the art of Candlemaking, and Weaving. They are involved in all aspects of these trades, from wicking and pouring candles, to sewing projects from weaving materials. Many have also been discovered to be extremely talented painters. 

All of their completed work can be found in our gift shop located at 341 Main Street, Wolfville. 

When the building is open to the public, they love to give tours and get to know the community. You can see the weaving and candleshop where all the magic happens!

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Historically, Cornerstone has been a more activity based program. They are host to many karaoke parties, spa days, and scenic drives. They are also host to several artists, and their artwork can often be found in our shop as well. They also love a good road trip and pre covid were always up for a shopping trip for community supplies.

Due to changes throughout Covid some Core Members have had the opportunity to try both weaving and candle making. It is always nice to discover hidden talents. To the left you will see Mahe helping Doug with a weaving project. It has been great to have the time to explore everyone's different abilities.

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Discoveries is our retirement program. As with anyone there comes a time when the pace of life slows, work ends and retirement begins. We have some amazing assistants who make this transition for Core Members an easy one. 

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