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Eden House

Eden House is located in Wolfville and is home to 4 Core Members and 1 friendly service dog. Eden house loves to get out and explore the community, go for drives and of course a Timmies run!

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  Burnside House

Burnside House is also located in Wolfville. It is home to 4 Core Members. Burnside house is always up for a bit of fun!

Homefires House

Homefires has 4 Core Members and is a busy and entertaining home. Homefires also shares its name with our community.


Lighthouse is home to 4 Core Members. They are a crafty vibrant bunch! If you are looking for artists and fashionista's this is the place to be.

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Emmaus House

Emmaus is home to 4 Core Members. It is our only home that sits just outside Wolfville in Greenwich. This home is a great mix of laid back and adventurous in one!

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ILS (Independent Living Support)

We have 3 people living independently in their own apartments with support from assistants and our ILS coordinator. 

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